1. The Learning Process

  2. The Source of Harmony

  3. Three Lights

  4. Voices of the Dead

  5. Remixed

  6. Railroaded EP

  7. First Night Outside
    Nicolas Dominique & Giggly Maria

  8. Winning

  9. Hope

  10. Evolution

  11. Power of the Night

  12. Wings of Freedom

  13. There's Something About Screw Loose

  14. Aloe & Lotus

  15. Six

  16. Ovis Regia
    Ovis Regia

  17. Different Shapes of the Sun EP

  18. The Guardian of Dreams

  19. Sedimental Love

  20. Wandering Through the Forest

  21. Flying with the Breezies

  22. Twilight Time

  23. Music in the Treetops

  24. Pinkie and Nicolas' Lament

  25. In the Skies

  26. Go, Ponyville!

  27. Apples to the Core Remixes

  28. Generosity Remixes

  29. Turn Back the Clock

  30. Bats Remixes

  31. Power Ponies (Ending Theme)

  32. Hearts Strong as Horses Remixes
    Daniel Ingram, David Corman & Steffan Andrews

  33. Wild Fire

  34. Silver Bell

  35. Hug the Giant Crab

  36. Ram with Rampage

  37. Fly to the Stars

  38. The Truth

  39. Flight (Nicolas Dominique's Soft Wind Remix)
    PonyFireStone & MEMJ

  40. Broken Rainbows

  41. We are the Night

  42. Voice of the Wasteland

  43. Hivemind

  44. Scootaloo's Training

  45. Journey to the Land of Red Dunes

  46. Equestria, a Dream Worth Fighting For

  47. Perfect Harmony

  48. Cute Guardian of Hell

  49. Wereluna

  50. Snowdrop

  51. Good Girl (Nicolas Dominique's Pills Remix)
    Dasha and The Living Tombstone

  52. Magic Dance (Nicolas Dominique's Twilie Remix)
    Andi & Adgee

  53. Make a Happy Winter

  54. Techno-magic

  55. Celestia's Ballad (Nicolas Dominique's Long Way Remix)
    Daniel Ingram

  56. I've Got to Find the Way (Nicolas Dominique's Alicorn Remix)
    Daniel Ingram

  57. Knowledge's External

  58. The Beauty of the Swarm

  59. Sleepless

  60. Pinktastic!

  61. Sins of the Solar Empire (Nicolas Dominique's Earth Pony Remix)
    TeiThePony feat. MicTheMicrophone

  62. The Fall of Equestria

  63. To the Grave and Back

  64. Moonstuck

  65. Colgate Brushie Song (Nicolas Dominique's Did You Brush Your Teeth Remix)

  66. Crush, Kill, Destroy, Swag

  67. Faust

  68. Dashin' Dreams (Nicolas Dominique Remixes)

  69. Cancer Smashers (Original Mix)
    Peak on Fire

  70. Joining the Herd

  71. Seven Cities (Nicolas Dominique Remix)
    Solar Stone

  72. Pinkamena's Massacre Cannon


  74. Zecora's Journey

  75. The Queen of Changelings

  76. Sunrise Above Equestria

  77. Raise the Sun


Nicolas Dominique Poland

I create a lot of music and a lot of different electronic genres - that's my passion and my talent. You can find there trance, electronic, chillout and even orchestral.

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