In The Valley of Timefall

from Strands by Nicolas Dominique



In the North of America there's a valley called Valley of Timefall. An unique anomaly in which it never stops raining, place in which there should be no life at all. And yet, it's very vibrant and green place. All the plants are living in the specific symbiosis with timefall, dying and reborning constantly. No one really knows why life is blooming here, when timefall brings death everywhere else. If only we could gain a sample of these plants and the soil, maybe we could find another way to deal with timefall? Maybe you could help us, Sam?

* * *
Timefall is an otherworldly rain, snow or hail which accelerates the progress of time within nearly all it comes into contact with. One of the most common threads in the world of Death Stranding.

I made that piece a while ago, then it went to the limbo for years. I was able to make it whole, but it was missing something special. Gladly I gained a lot of inspiration from Death Stranding. This game is a lot of fun for me and it's way more complex than simple Fedex Simulator™.

Anyway, here's another ambient chillout experience for your pleasure!


from Strands, track released September 22, 2020




Nicolas Dominique Poland

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