Made by Prince of Void:

What is it like to be crazy? When your conciousness is dug so deep your mind can't even tell anyone your name... You cannot even talk! You can only bark, and your body acts like a dog. But if someone would only look into your eyes, they could see your ego trapped inside.

But nobody will do that. Doctors just ignore you, thinking you're a hopeless case and do nothing to help you. You just stay in your room, waiting and hoping that someday, somebody will notice that you are not as crazy as everyone thinks you are.
And this... is the great battle in Screw Loose's mind between the madness and the normality. When chaos and order collides, anything could happen. Anything. Even...
"Hey, d-don't let me go! J-Just remember... m-my name i-is... is ... *bark* * bark*"


from There's Something About Screw Loose, track released December 15, 2012




Nicolas Dominique Poland

Hello there! Your daily dose of addictive music speaking!

A lot of awesome things await you! From inspiring ambient chillout experience to positive trance, all here to make your day brighter!

Enjoy your stay and let the music flow through you!
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